Nomad Bike Rack

Coming to KickStarterĀ in May 2017!

The Nomad Bike Rack: BikeĀ there. Taxi back. Carry your bike on any car.


I love biking, exploring new corners of my city. Unfortunately, when I’ve biked for a few hours, had a beer at the lovely cafe I’ve discovered, and watched as the storm clouds rolled in, I don’t feel like riding back. But the local taxis can’t carry my bike. What’s the solution?

Honestly, I’m not 100% sure yet – but getting there is sure to be fun. I’ve begun the design of a portable bike rack, a simple carrier which will mount on your bike frame and allow you to carry your bike on most taxis or Ubers. And unlike the special UberPEDAL cars, you won’t need to pay every time you use it.

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