Kickstarter Day 4: more designs and moving forward

I’m coming off 48 hours of traveling (Bangkok – Shanghai – Los Angeles – Mexico City), so this post may or may not make sense. Making my design public has given me a lot of urgency – I’m nervous about getting everything ready in time, now. It’s suddenly real.

In the first layover of our trip (Shanghai) I spent a couple hours modeling out one of the possible designs for the new bike rack, putting together a rough concept. I’ll be following the same general design process I use with clients, meaning I need at least three unique concepts before I can choose one and keep moving forward. This is the part I’m comfortable with.

One the other hand, I’ve never developed an email following or regular visitors on a blog or really done any media outreach, and that part of this process would be very easy for me to ignore. Some part of me wants  to ignore it – this part is hard and scary.

So yesterday, at our second layover (LA), I signed up for MailChimp, and today and tomorrow I’ll start working on the email list. By a rough gut-level estimate, I think I’ll need about 1000 subscribers to have a successful product campaign. Intense.