Following the advice of Kickstarter legend Jamey Stegmaier (his list of KS info is here), yesterday I set out to make my idea public five different ways, and today I accomplished that, more or less. 

I decided to work on some research and connection on the two bike forums instead of jumping in with a product description right away. But on Facebook I posted my first sketch in a couple different groups and got some great encouragement. Granted, it’s friends and family, but it’s still giving me a lot of motivation to get going on the further design.
Today I continued with more work on the concept designs for the different parts of the bike carrier, using time waiting at repair shops for moving my project forward instead of scrolling endlessly through my FB feed. 

I can already see how much testing I’ll have to do, but im really excited now to get going on that, instead of just feeling nervous like I was yesterday. Posting the idea in public was somehow terrifying and also the beginning of something terrific.