Hi, my name is Christian Brown, and if you’re looking for Product Designs and CAD/CAM drafting/modelling, look no further.

I began my engineering career in deformable optic design back in 2005, and have since worked with a variety companies, from a 14-person technical startup to an established subsidiary of a Fortune 500 company. My design work has spanned from small injection-molded case components to large steel manufacturing assemblies, but throughout I have applied my strong mechanical innovation and my passion for design excellence.

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Want to see my designs? Or you can browse through my work history:


New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
2003 – 2007


Wall Street English
Service Manager and ESL Teacher
2010 – 2013
Service Manager (promoted in January 2012) Trained new staff members. Managed 24-member staff and hired new members. Managed rotating staff schedules. Forecast customer demand and appropriated staff resources. Created new auto-updating schedule system. Supported sales with large party supervision and supplementary classes and tours. Increased active number of studying students by 50%. Facilitated introduction of new course materials. ESL Teacher Taught English to students aged from high school to retirement age. Aided in training new staff. Created teaching schedules. Created fun parties. Planned presentations for interactive white board teaching. Created website for sharing class materials. Evaluated students for placement in the program. Designed classes. Worked on a team to develop a school magazine and writing curriculum.
Micro Motion, Inc
Engineer I
2007 – 2009
Redesigned coriolis mass flow meters based on field testing. Replicated field feedback and analyzed potential issues with experiments. Led team to develop problem solving process used by sustaining engineering department. Designed manufacturing tools and parts in metals and plastics. Parametrically modelled families of parts using UG-NX5. Led international team to convert and reformat all drawings of an acquired product. Primary engineer for the low-flow family of meters. Evaluated materials and designed gaskets. Parametric Modeling of Process Flange Connections Used UG-NX5 to create fully parametric models and drawings of more than 100 flanged process connections. Created seperate parametric-driven drawings for each type of flange, such as JIS, ANSI, etc. Redesign of Gasket Recreated field failure of electronics housing gasket. Analyzed data to understand and verify failure mode. Redesigned gasket and material to resolve issue. Successfully tested new designs to IP6 and IP7 standards.
NMT Mechanical Engineering Department
ABET Analyst
2006 – 2007
Analyzed surveys and FE test results examining department performance. Performed root cause analysis of weaknesses. Presented results to faculty. Continued with analysis while developing a permanent system of continued analysis to pass on to the next analyst. Collaborated with another student in all tasks.
Engineering Technician
2005 – 2006
Drafted electrostatic actuator arrays. Designed small scale vacuum chamber. Primary widget designer/prototype builder. Maximized workspace efficiency. Tested software. Designed optical mounting setups. Wrote software user’s manual.